Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Berkeley Street Sighting - 1955 Chevrolet Two-Ten Sedan

When all else fails, Tri-Five Chevy. I've featured a number of these cars previously in all different body styles and models, and yet this is the first pillared four-door we've looked at.

The Chevy Two-Ten (or 210) was the mid-range model in the Chevrolet full-size lineup for 1955 and was available in four-door sedan, two-door sedan, two-door hardtop, two- or four-door wagon and convertible forms. (Thanks to an astute reader for pointing out to me that no four-door hardtop "Sport Sedan" body style existed in 1955.) The '55s hailed from a time when it was still possible to order a new car exactly the way a customer wanted it, down to individual options. The 210 pillared sedan was a popular seller with 317,724 produced in that one body style. Total 1955 Chevy car production was over 1.7 million.

This 210 is a rather plain example, painted what appears to be a placeholder color scheme of dull black and dull gray with chrome that desperately needs a good polishing. The darker color is still shiny on the bottom, so the paint may just be very old or perhaps the car always lives outdoors. There is some rough area below the driver door, maybe a rust repair or an old scrape. This Chevy would clean up really well with some filler, polish and a good paint job. I've always liked the sedans and over the past few years I've really warmed up to the '55s.

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  1. Nice find! "the Chevrolet full-size lineup for 1955 and was available in sedan, four-door hardtop, two-door hardtop, two-door sedan, two- or four-door wagon and convertible forms." no there were no 4d HT for 1955, that came in 1956. It's probably a repaint.at least the upper body gray is. On two tone 55:s the upper body color is supposed to go down after the side trim and meet the rear bumber. There should also be a trim pice to cover the "seem" between the two colors. If you dont understand what I mean (I hardly do) check google for pics. It's obvious if you know what to look for.