Thursday, May 22, 2014

Los Gatos Street Sighting - 1968 Mercury Cougar XR-7

"I love it when a plan comes together." Those words were made famous by George Peppard in The A-Team, and it's true. In my case, though, making plans usually ensures something will go wrong, but serendipity frequently comes through and something positive happens that's totally different. I planned a day to drive to Aptos via Santa Cruz. A Flickr member who owns a 1976 Citro├źn CX OK'd me to stop by and check out his car, if I could find it. Well, I couldn't. In fact, nothing in Aptos made itself available. Santa Cruz yielded a couple of vehicles that day including the Mazda Miata art car in my previous post. Then on the return trip I happened upon this gorgeous 1968 Mercury Cougar in the town of Los Gatos. And where better to find a Cougar than in a town whose name means "The Cats" in Spanish?

This is our third early Cougar and a fine example of a restomod, a vehicle that's been restored yet mildly customized for better performance and comfort. I love 1967-68 Cougars, though I rarely shoot them for this blog unless they call to me. This one spoke loud and clear with a beautiful deep green paint job accented by an unusual root beer brown two-tone on the lower body and on the Vintage Wheel Works V45 wheels shod in aggressive Fuzion ZRi rubber. It looks like it sits a couple inches lower than stock and the hood scoop from an XR7-G performance model suggests there may be something potent under the hood. Inside, the owner has installed modern bucket seats with adjustable headrests.

I love that this car looks to be a driver, not a trailer queen. It has some rock chips here and there. It's built to be driven and enjoyed, and it is awesome.


  1. Cougar Trivia :- a red XR7 featured in the James Bond film "On Her Majesties Service" back in the day ;-)

    1. Indeed it did, a 1969 convertible. That was the first year for a factory Cougar drop-top so it was probably kind of a big deal for Ford to promote it in the movie. :) I always did like that car, shame they beat it up during the car chase.

  2. Simply the most beautiful Mercury ever built in my opinion. This XR7 is gorgeous. Nice find Jay, thanks. That red rag top in OHMSS, that the one that The beautiful Diana Rig drove, right?