Thursday, January 2, 2014

Danville Street Sighting - 1937 Ford V8 Coupe

Few classic cars in my area are daily drivers, let alone to the point of being a sort of local landmark. This very blue customized 1937 Ford V8 coupe frequently parks outside a sports bar across from my local In 'N Out Burger. The 1932 Ford roadster I featured back in March sometimes hangs out with it. Usually it's parked off the street or moving when I see it, so catching it stationary on Hartz Avenue in downtown Danville on an average day after work is rare.

I've always liked the look of the '37 Ford. I think what did it for me, oddly enough, was an ad in a mail-order catalog for a blue diecast '37 roadster by Yat Ming Road Legends that I wanted as a kid. I never got that model, but I thought it was cool. More recently, I became aware of a gorgeous black 1937 Ford woodie that goes to Bay Area car shows. That particular car is one of my favorite automobiles of that decade.

This '37 coupe is a simply detailed mild custom with tried-and-true American Racing TorqThrust wheels, some darker blue paint accents on the grille and side vents, a meaner-looking raked stance and some interior upgrades to make it more livable. I bet he's even done something under the hood! I'm hopeful he has some Ford V8 power in there and not a Chevy crate small-block.

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