Friday, October 17, 2014

Hayward Street Sighting - 1966 Pontiac Ventura

It's no secret by now that I love vintage Pontiacs. The 1965 and '66 lineups are some of my favorites. This one is a '66 Ventura sedan. The Ventura name was usually a trim upgrade on the full-sized Catalina during the 1960s but it was a model series in its own right from 1966 to 1969.

Having seen that this Ventura was for sale, I told my Pontiac enthusiast friend about it, thinking that he might be interested. He once owned the '71 Grand Ville convertible featured a couple of years ago, and a few other big early-'70s Pontiacs, Lincolns, a '63 Mercury and a '66 Chrysler. He isn't a sedan man unless the car is suited to it - Pontiacs, for example? Coupe or convertible only. Lincolns? Sedans are okay, because Lincolns are formal luxury cars. He told me that if he bought this car he'd just cut the roof off and cruise around in it that way. I felt it deserved better than that, so I'm glad he didn't pursue it.

This car is not the finest example of its breed, but a solid one just in need of a right front fender, new windshield and some paint, at least on the hood and trunk lid. I'd ditch the '90s directional billet aluminum wheels for something more timeless. I'd want to keep it as original as possible, since Venturas rarely turn up in any condition.

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