Tuesday, July 21, 2009

San Francisco Street Sighting - 1976 Chevrolet Nova Concours

The Chevy Nova used to be one of the most commonly seen cars in the US. One of four similar models built and sold by GM, by the 1970s NOVA had become an acronym:

Nova (Chevrolet)
Omega (Oldsmobile)
Ventura (Pontiac)
Apollo (Buick)

The X platform was so prevalent on the roads probably due to its status as an entry-level car. In 1962 the Chevy II was born, a car which took on the name Nova and was produced as such until 1979 in rear-wheel-drive form. This particular Nova is a 1976 Nova Concours Cabriolet, a luxury model with vinyl interior, deluxe chrome trim, and a half-vinyl "landau" roof. The only reason I can think of for the "Cabriolet" name is the vinyl roof's slight resemblance to a convertible top. The Nova lineup had not included a proper convertible model since 1967.

This Concours is finished in a nice metallic green, one which doesn't really look like a stock color. I don't mind the cream-colored wheels since they match the vinyl top and the interior. They might be painted Oldsmobile Rally wheels. The body is straight but, as happens with many cars equipped with vinyl tops, water appears to have gotten in around the edges of the vinyl and rusted the metal. From 20 feet away, though, it looks quite nice.

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  1. I enjoyed your photo out there in san francisoc
    I am in massachusetts looking online at novas
    I have a 76 concours cabriolet with white vinyl , white paint, with white interior.
    bought it this week from an elder man in my town
    with 27,800 miles on it .
    very odd vehicle, but i like the six cylinder,
    and its very laid back ride.