Friday, July 10, 2009

San Diego Street Sighting - Dodge Power Wagon

During the course of any trip, you're bound to see something interesting, whatever it is. On my last trip down to San Diego, this was the most interesting vehicle I saw parked on the street, hands down. It's a Dodge Power Wagon, and I have no clue what year it is. All I know is it's crazy. Dually rear axle, big tough bumpers and a black flame treatment bordered in light green announce to the world that it's big and loud and you better get out of its way! The subtle silver-green suits this truck well, and the black original-style pressed-steel wheels it a badass military look. Which is fitting given that the Power Wagon has a military history.

The Dodge Power Wagon was born in 1945 around the end of WWII and was first available to civilians in 1946. Since so many look like the original models, it's darn near impossible to identify the model year. This is especially true for this customized example. I'd venture a guess that the engine might not be stock, and it could probably be great fun off-road but rarely ventures off pavement. I could be wrong though.

I kinda hope I am.

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