Wednesday, April 25, 2012

San Francisco Street Sighting - 1963 Volkswagen Type 2 Bus Pickup

The VW Bus pickup seems to come in two distinct varieties: Custom lowrider or beaten work truck. I don't see many that are stock, and even fewer that are in this stage of degradation. This is one of the newer Bus pickups I've seen, and yet it's in arguably the worst condition of any I've seen on the street. Found in the Mission District, this old single-cab Splittie has been through the wringer.

VW Buses were basic to start with, but this one is missing the passenger seat and even the driver seat is down to bare springs. It's been hit on every corner and both ends, which gives the owner good reason to have installed heavier-duty bumpers. The rust seems to have started both in the rockers at the bottom and in the roof rails at the top in a race to meet in the middle. But since the engine is air-cooled and has only about four moving parts, I'm sure it's bulletproof and will continue to run until the body rusts off.

P.S. For anyone at Google who might have stumbled onto this post... I made it using the new Blogger editor which freaking sucks no matter how they try to spin it. Blogging should never be as aggravating as it is now.

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