Sunday, February 12, 2012

San Francisco Street Sighting - 1963 Buick Riviera

I'm a big fan of first-generation Buick Rivieras. The 1963-65 Rivs were a styling triumph for Buick, and this pretty blue luxury coupe is a strong example of the breed. These early (pre-'65) Rivieras lack the hidden headlights that were part of the original design, but in my opinion the fixed-light cars are the best looking. The 1965 models have a cleaner design with stacked lights hidden behind the stainless corner trim, a hood ornament and no simulated side scoops.

This car is a first-year model and is in pretty good condition. It looks a little strange though, because the rear "Riviera" script badge below the trunk lid does not belong there. On '64 cars there would be no BUICK emblems and the Riviera badge should be on the right corner of the trunk lid. If there's one detail I never liked about the Rivieras, it would have to be the taillights. They look like an afterthought, and it only got worse in '65 when they were relocated down into the rear bumper, leaving an empty void between the trunk and bumper populated only by a Buick shield badge and the Riviera script on the right side.

I encountered this example in a quiet neighborhood with no traffic, on a lovely day in May 2011. To the owner I say this: give your baby a wash and wax. It may be a daily driver but it's too beautiful to let it start rusting.

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  1. Big fan ever since I had a toy Corgi one in Gold with glowing front and rear lights :-)