Sunday, April 5, 2015

Livermore Street Sighting - 1969 AMC Javelin SST

Today is Easter, a holiday associated with a number of various symbols depending on how you observe it. Sometimes I like to tie in the most appropriate car I can find for holiday features, so here is a robin's-egg blue 1969 AMC Javelin SST. It has nothing to do with bunnies, marshmallow Peeps or the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but it is a rare car in a good spring color on a holiday known for seeking out hidden pastel eggs. And if you really, really want to associate a javelin with Easter time, read the Bible verses (specifically John 19:34) about what happened on Good Friday, three days before Easter Sunday. Beyond that, this is a car blog and it's not my place to lecture my readers on religion.

Anyway! We've looked at a '69 Javelin SST once before, and that one was relatively similar to this one - blue with Magnum 500 wheels and a factory 290 V8 engine. Unlike that car, though, this one has a black top and no stripe package. I've seen this particular car a few times, including once in spectator parking at the Pacific Coast Dream Machines show in Half Moon Bay. It has some dents and rust, not show-quality in the traditional sense. My belief is that a show car is any car you take the trouble to bring to and enter into a car show. Some of you are going to cry foul on this as a street sighting because of the 1970 Buick GS 400 next to it, and yes, it was photographed on Nostalgia Day in Livermore, fall 2013. But it was a few blocks from the car show on an open, public street. So there. And fear not, you'll be seeing the Buick sometime as well.

This is a unique alternative to a Mustang or Camaro that you can still have fun with. I can dig it.

Happy EaSSTer!

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