Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pleasanton Street Sighting - 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS

I've been hesitant to go after Camaros for this blog. They're not bad cars; they're not even bad-looking cars. I actually like them to an extent. They're attractively designed and are a great option for a classic performance car with a huge aftermarket and tuning potential. I just don't have much interest in them because they're such a common sight at every local car show. Almost all of them seem to be Super Sport clones in cliched color combinations with rally stripes and big engines. Less common are the subtle Rally Sport builds with a 327 V8 and muted colors.

The Rally Sport package was mainly a dress-up kit that could be optioned on any Camaro, even the SS or Z/28 performance versions. The RS package got you cool hidden headlamps, reverse lights beneath the rear bumper, extra chrome trim and RS badges. Stripes were optional, and the single "Bumble Bee" front end wrap is less commonly seen than the popular full length Z/28-style stripes. There's something a bit wonky about the badging on this car, with the fender emblems in the wrong places. Factory spec would place the 327 badge directly above the crossed flags where there is currently a rectangular Camaro name badge, likely from the front header panel above the driver-side headlight. Where you see a Chevrolet script badge (also from the header panel), is where a Camaro emblem, in all lowercase letters, should be. The 327 badge floating randomly in space in front of the wheel looks a bit lost there. I'm thinking possibly someone at the paint shop got mixed up, or perhaps the owner just likes the badges arranged differently. Otherwise it looks great; I like the dark metallic blue color and the wheel choice. I'd just fix those badges or they'd drive me crazy.

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