Tuesday, September 21, 2010

San Francisco Street Sighting - 1966 Ford Country Sedan

This week I decided to do another themed series of features. Like the Big Three Vans series I did a few months ago, this will also deal with some of Detroit's finest - and not-so-fine - family haulers. That's right, this week we'll be looking at Big Three Station Wagons.

For starters, let's look at Ford's offering. This 1966 Country Sedan was one of their larger cars during the era, based on the full-size Galaxie. I've featured a Country Sedan before, but it was a 1963 model and in much worse condition. Interestingly, while reading up on this car I learned that the Country Sedan and its faux-wood-paneled twin, the Country Squire, were sold as their own respective models until 1969, when they were ultimately lumped together in the Galaxie line.

This example is probably Wimbledon White and apparently features a snappy red interior. Motivation for this barge comes from a much-needed 390 V8 which is no doubt coupled to an automatic transmission. A fun fact about the 1966 model is that it was the first wagon to feature Ford's "Magic Door Gate", a rear hatch that was designed to hinge down like a truck's tailgate, or swing out to the side using an entirely different set of hinges. Pretty cool stuff.
This is one of those cars that makes me a little sad, because its paint is in pretty good shape still despite its unfortunate body damage. Living in the Haight like it does, and wearing recent plates, I wonder if the poor thing was bought by some young hipster trying to be ironic by buying a dowdy old family wagon to transport his indie band gear or something. Maybe I'm stereotyping. Either way, there's a lot of folks in San Francisco who suck at driving, regardless of age or creed.


  1. Great car despite the damage. I agree with you that I hope the owner has a true appreciation for what this wagon is and what it's existance means to so many who love cars and,like me, experienced these wagons first hand. My Dad bought a '66 Country Sedan on St. Valentine's Day, 1966. It was Antique Bronze with Parchment interior. Our nicest car ever. I was 11 and I loved it. And for once, we had the nicest car around. My sister wrecked it a year later and it was gone. I kept the key to it, and it has been in my dresser drawer since then. I now own a '68 LTD, but I'd love to have a '66 Country Sedan!

  2. That "Magic Door Gate" was really neat (as I probably would have said back in '66). I had an incident with ours that I never forgot. One day, as I walked past the car, I noticed the tailgate was ajar and decided to close it. When I twisted the door handle and pulled it open, it fell off it's hinges. It became apparent that it had been last dropped as a tailgate. So, here was this 11 year old boy holding this huge door/gate and yelling for help. I can imagine the dealer calling Ford's main service center and asking what to do. The first response might have been; " We knew, sooner or later, that some kid would yank one of them off". I may have been the firt!

  3. I now own this very car. It is now living a comfortable life in Monterey. Slowly bringing her back to her original glory.