Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Danville Street Sighting - 1950 Dodge B-2B Pickup

The Dodge B-Series was the first new postwar truck design from Chrysler Corporation, introduced for 1948. Most of the large manufacturers revamped their truck lineups before their passenger car ranges, and Dodge was no exception. Following Dodge economy-vehicle tradition, the new trucks had a flathead six-cylinder engine. The new cab was designed for improved visibility and more space, dubbed the Pilot House cab. The new truck bed featured improved cargo capacity.

This pickup is a low-spec 1950 model built with the small-window cab. Curved corner windows were optional and today are seen on many surviving trucks. It's evidence that higher-trim examples of any vehicle tend to be saved while the base work trucks get used up and junked. This truck lacks a rear bumper and the only option I can see is the Fluid Drive semi-automatic transmission. 1950 was the first year this option was available.

I'm guessing this truck is a project in progress, judging by the mismatched paint. I'm unsure if the owner is responsible for the dull silvery look of the front grill and bumper. Many of these trucks came with a painted grille from the factory, though some have chrome trim. The wheels don't appear to be stock either, but they're a clean look. I'd love to see it painted all one color and finished. Not enough people are saving old Dodge trucks.

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