Sunday, February 5, 2012

San Francisco Street Sighting - 1972 Ford Ranchero

Last month we looked at a 1972 Ford Gran Torino coupe. Now let's look at the Torino-based pickup, the Ranchero. I happened to find this '72 Ranchero parked down the street from a small repair shop where at least three other feature vehicles have been spotted thus far (note the 1936 Ford pickup in the background of one of the photos). It's a somewhat scruffy part of town (I once had a homeless man con $10 out of me about one block from where I found this Ranchero, after he claimed to be a penniless refugee from New Orleans who just wanted to buy a meal for himself and his wife - and then skipped off right past the sandwich shop he told me he planned to go). The light was fading, so I didn't spend much time taking pictures.

Judging by the license plate, I'm guessing the owner is a mechanic, and his trucklet is in good shape with the exception of a big scrape on the quarter panel. I'm not certain if the color is Medium Lime or if it's a custom non-factory paint job, but I like it with the Ranchero GT-style side stripe, body color sport mirrors and chrome Magnum 500 wheels.
If I ever spot this pickup again, I'll definitely try to get better pictures.

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  1. MY GOD. HOT. Does want. I think it's too dark for medium lime. Looks like a PPG color my friend had on his Ranchero 500