Friday, March 21, 2014

Oakland Street Sighting - 1964 Dodge Dart 270

I don't often do a full shoot of Plymouth Valiants or Dodge Darts unless they really call to me. They're some of the most plentiful "old cars" in my area and they're tough. Many exist in "beater" condition with bulletproof slant sixes and stick shifts or the dependable Torqueflite automatic. Others are well-kept originals, mild customs or have received a budget restoration. Many are post-1967 models but a fair number of earlier cars exist as well. This one is a 1964, the last year of the push-button automatic, and the first year of the optional 273 cubic inch V8 engine and a new four-speed manual with Hurst shifter.

The Dart 270 was the mid-range model, between the 170 and the GT. Sedans weren't available in GT form, so 270 was the best you got. This one doesn't have a V8 fender badge and there's only one exhaust pipe, so a slant six is likely. Hopefully it's the 225ci and not the gutless economy 170ci. There are some interesting styling details in the body and I think this year is my favorite of the 1963-66 generation. It displays well from twenty feet and would look really nice with some detailing.

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