Friday, February 21, 2014

Danville Street Sighting - 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super

In my previous post about an Austin Princess limousine I discussed how difficult it is to date a European vehicle that didn't change much visually. One of many such cars is the Alfa Romeo Tipo 105 Giulia sedan. This one is a Giulia Super, and if the license plate is original, it is likely a 1967 (or early '68) model. I saw it well over a year ago, parked near the Danville D'Elegance car show in front of the now-demolished Danville Hotel strip mall. Perhaps it's cheating, but it was a very fine example of a classic Alfa.

The '67 Giulia Super was a competent little sports sedan, with four-wheel disc brakes, an eager 1.6 liter engine hooked to a five-speed manual. Inside, drivers could enjoy leather (possibly "Texalfa" leatherette) seats and a leather-wrapped steering wheel, facing a wood veneer dashboard. The Giulia Super was the most popular Giulia sedan variant with buyers, ensuring that the model endured in some form until 1978.

This Super looks like it's probably benefitted from a restoration at some point. The color looks like it may be Verde Pino Scuro (Dark Pine Green). The interior is interesting, almost a pumpkin orange or saddle color that goes well with the wooden dash panel. The wheels seem large on such a small car; in 1967 the Giulia Super came with 15" wheels. They were changed for 14" units the following year. I can see why an enthusiast would opt for a classic Alfa like this. They're not particularly fast or powerful, but they have a certain look to them that just says, Go on, get in. Let's have fun together.

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