Monday, November 18, 2013

San Ramon Street Sighting - 1941 Dodge D-19 Luxury Liner

The first time I ever recall seeing a 1941 Dodge Luxury Liner was in January outside the Silicon Valley International Auto Show. They're not nearly as popular with owners today as Fords and Chevys of the same era, making them very hard to find. I commented on this in my feature on it. So naturally I stumbled upon another one in my own town a mere two days after I wrote the post.

This particular '41 Dodge turned up on the street on a day I was working my delivery route. After work I stopped by to check it out. It looked like something that had perhaps been in storage for a while, a car with sunbaked paint in an unusual shade of blue-purple and nearly new license plates with tags set to expire in a couple of months. The body was solid, chrome and trim were in great shape. It looked like all it needed was paint and a good scrub on the whitewalls. Oh, and to reinstall the wheel on the right rear. I don't think I ever saw the car on the street with the wheel in place, so far all I know it could have been a theft deterrent. It disappeared a few days after I photographed it, but then appeared in the Cars For Sale Corral at the Goodguys Autumn Get-Together at the Alameda County Fairgrounds this month. So I guess it's going on to a new home, and hopefully will see some reconditioning to preserve a rare vehicle.


  1. This car, or one just like it with the same unusual paint job, now apparently lives in the H neighborhood of Rohnert Park. I often see it parked on the street when I drive home from work.

    1. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same car. I haven't seen this one since the Goodguys show in Pleasanton in November 2013 where it was for sale.