Thursday, February 14, 2013

San Francisco Street Sighting - 1964 Buick Skylark

There is an adage about the proverbial little old lady car. They're the mythical older vehicle that was only driven to the store and to church on Sundays. It's garaged, kept clean and often owned for a long time until the owner cannot drive any longer or passes away. For that reason, such cars are desirable when they come up for sale. Of course, there is a flip side to the little old lady car. Older drivers are not always the most careful, so cosmetic damage can occur.

I was with a friend in San Francisco for Chinese New Year when we happened upon this 1964 Buick Skylark coupe sitting in front of a bank in North Beach. The owner told me the car was bought at auction in all-original condition with just 29,000 miles. The body was pretty straight, with a little damage on the right front and rear corners and a small amount of surface rust on the hood. The interior was by far the car's strongest attribute. The owner opened the door to show me the flawless black vinyl upholstery and silvery headliner. The only changes he had made to his car were a set of later-model Buick Rally wheels (a design I've always loved) and some LED lighting under the dash to illuminate the interior when the doors are open. The latter was a bit bright - and too blue - for my taste, but I could tell that the man cares about and enjoys his Skylark. It's a nice change from all the Chevelles out there.


  1. This car is beautiful! Of all the new cars in '64, the Buick Skylark and Olds Cutlass were my favorites. They have clean styling and look sporty even when they're not trying. Being in a large family, I wanted Dad to buy a Vista Cruiser or a Sport Wagon. My pleading fell on deaf ears even though he really liked Buicks. These mid sized wagons weren't quite big enough, anyway. I'm glad the owner of this car opted for the Buick Rally wheels instead of smoothies or some other choice. I'm not sure I would have changed the originals but, if I did, the Rallys would be my choice. They just look right and they're also one my favorites. I really like under dash courtesy lights. They're practical and they make the interior look more refined. But, blue is not for me. If the owner found a set of originals, I'd bet the wiring is already there. But hey, it's one of my favorite cars wearing a set of my favorite wheels! Just seeing it makes me smile. And to the owner, whoever you are, Thank You!

    1. And fortunately he has the original wheels and hubcaps stored safely at home. I quite like the Rallys on this car.