Friday, January 4, 2013

Santa Cruz Street Sighting - 1965 Ford Galaxie 500

I thought it was appropriate for my first post of 2013 to be about a white 1965 Ford Galaxie 500. My father was the one who first got me interested in cars at a very young age. The first car he owned was a white 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 coupe with a 289 V8 and an automatic transmission. The Galaxie wasn't kept very long, but it was a nice car for a high-schooler in the '70s. I've loved them for many years, and seeing one at car shows always makes me happy. Not many of them show up on the street, though.

That's why it filled me with glee to run across this big white coupe in Santa Cruz. It's well past its prime, sure, but it's still cool. It has the 352 cubic inch V8 which looks to be hooked to a column-shifted automatic. The stock maroon interior makes the red roof almost work with the white body, though the red paint on the hubcaps is pushing it. It hurts to see the rust holes in the body, particularly in the common trouble spots of the hood and around the rear window where moisture can get trapped. Fords of the 1960s aren't known for their factory rustproofing. Note that the "Galaxie 500" badge isn't installed on the left front fender. It's not missing, just sitting on the dash. I expect the scrape on the fender has something to do with it, or the owner plans to put the badge on when the fender's fixed. If anything on this car needs to go, it's the silly skeletal hand that serves as a hood ornament. Regardless, this big boxy Ford is a special find for me.


  1. I love these mid sixties Fords. Seeing this '65 Galaxie 500 honestly makes my heart race. I like most 50's and 60's Fords, but the '65 through '67 full size models with their crisp styling and stacked headlights are, by far, my favorites. The '65 Fords have a chiseled look while the sharp edges became more rounded over the next two years. This was a big departure from smooth styling of the '64 models. I was elated when, one day, I opened the garage door, expecting to see that '60 Ranch Wagon, but found a new (well, almost new) '66 Country Sedan parked inside. How many mothers would purposely send their son to the garage to surprise them this way? I though there had to be a mistake. A new Ford with a V8 and automatic transmission? Not my dad. I was a "Ford Man", and Dad had finally done the right thing! That car was a bronze beauty with a parchment interior. I loved it! I envy your dad having had a '65 Galaxie coupe like this one. As a freshman, I fantasized about owning the blue '65 convertible that drove past the school each day. Like that Galaxie, this feature car sits up nicely, and though somewhat rusted, looks quite nice. Like many cars in the northeast, it isn't beaten or abused, but it's body suffers from the effects of it's environment. I really know of only one '65 full size Ford in Vermont, which I've never seen. It is an LTD 2 door hardtop with a factory four speed. It was featured several years ago in a Hemmings magazine. I'm curious to know if this Galaxie 500's red roof is original. It wouldn't surprise me since in those days , when you ordered a car, you were given a checklist and chose whatever suited your desires or met your budget. Like this car, Dad's '66 wagon had the 352 V8 which was thirsty and caused him to dislike that car immensely. He claimed it got 11 to 12 mpg. I remember him saying that he couldn't get past a gas station with it. I was told that Ford's 352 was a pig, and that the 390 was much more efficient. I can now attest to that since my '68 LTD coupe, with it's 390 2 barrel, returns mileage figures between 17 and 19 mpg. It weighs just 300 pounds less than a '66 Country Sedan. This white Galaxie 500 is still in pretty good shape. That thing on the hood needs to go and I'd remove the the red from the hubcaps. I'm glad the owner has the Galaxie 500 script for the front fender. I'm guessing that he, or she, likes this car and will attend to that. I would love to own this car! Seeing it here brings back memories and is a real treat.

  2. hey! thats my car! thanks for posting it. i had just bought it when you took those pics and have since removed the hood ornament...haha! i didnt like either. i have alot of work on that car over the past year and it runs great now...which wasnt the story when i first got it. anyway if you or anyone has any questions on the car i would happy to answer them. the car is for sale for the right price also! please feel free to contact me @ (831) 421 - 2937. my name is justin