Friday, October 19, 2012

San Francisco Street Sighting - 1963 Lincoln Continental

This isn't the first time I've stumbled upon a 1963 Lincoln Continental sedan. In fact, this is the second one I've found in San Francisco. What surprised me, is where in the city it lives. This giant boat parks on a very narrow, winding street on a steep hill - not its natural habitat by a long shot. This is why parking laws tell drivers to curb their wheels. You don't want an out-of-control, unmanned '63 Continental barreling down your street.

It should come as no surprise then, that the white Continental I found in perfect condition a few years ago was parked on a nice wide street in the flat, level Richmond District. Life is tougher with a big car, and it shows in the damage this car has suffered. A skilled body man could probably massage out that large dent in the left passenger door, the right front fender and the trunk lid. The body appears solid for the most part, with only a little rust visible. It's nice to see a car like this with all the hubcaps in place and wearing a period (if not original) license plate. I also like the color, because I see too many of these cars painted white or black.
While the condition is a little worse than I initially hoped when I saw this big Lincoln, the fact it's apparently someone's daily driver is encouraging.


  1. Vintage cars never fail to amaze me with their distinctive designs and classic charm. And this 1963 Continental is definitely no exception! You’ve just got to love the wide body design and the sharp edges of the body work. What this baby needs is a little lovin’! A new paint job, some polishing, maybe a new set of wheels, and some time working on the engine, and you can definitely bring the funk out of this road hugger!

  2. Couldn't agree with Mr. Wininger more. I'd go maybe a bit further and do a mild custom make over. That one shot looking forward of the rear scrams CUSTOMIZE! ;)