Wednesday, September 19, 2012

San Ramon Street Sighting - 1965 Chevrolet C-10 Fleetside pickup

I'm a sucker for mid-'60s Chevy trucks. The 1964-'65 C-10 fleetside trucks are some of my favorite pickups, and I have no idea why. I just really like them.

This body style came out in 1963 and replaced the old four-headlight body that dated back to 1958. The '63 model had the last vestige of 1950s design, the wraparound windshield. In 1964 that disappeared, replaced by a modern (and probably cheaper) curved glass unit. If there's anything unusual about this design that I don't care much for, it's the almost perfectly trapezoidal door window shape. Oddly enough, that's something I never noticed about these trucks until I photographed this one. The rear edge of the door is slanted to match the 1963 windshield slope, which was reversed on the '64. These trucks seem to frequently come with the grille and front bumper painted white, and I think it suits the overall look. This pickup has the very common white 8-spoke truck wheels which aren't stock but are on -everything-. I don't know whether I like these trucks better with plain body sides or the deluxe stainless and white side trim on this truck. Either way, the body looks good in a lot of different colors as long as the roof is painted white. If this were my truck I'd freshen it up a bit. It needs some crash damage repair on the right front for starters. I'm torn regarding the paint condition, though. If you clean a truck like this up too much, you'll be afraid to use it as a truck. This one still gets used for its intended purpose. I'm all for trucks that look good but can still be used.


  1. i have owned a '60,'62,'63,and two'64 c-10 chevrolet pick ups. i LOVE these trucks. except for a 235 six in the'60, they all had 283 V8s. i believe the '64 had a 327. so reliable and well designed that one will run for a lifetime with regular maintenance. when i hear the distinct sound of the door shutting on one of these,i know i am going to get where i am going.the next generation of GM trucks is just as well plastic used in the construction of these old machines.a beautiful to boot.

  2. Know anyone looking for a complete truck bed for a Chevrolet fleetside pickup truck? Even has original lights. Only missing oak slats. if interested I can give my number and pics. Live in indiana.