Monday, September 3, 2012

Sacramento Street Sighting - 2003 Lamborghini Murciélago 40th Anniversary Edition

I don't usually feature modern exotic sports cars. I might take a picture or two but rarely do I stop and do a full shoot. The typical Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Gallardo or Lotus Elise just doesn't get me excited. A Murcielago? Eh, maybe. I'm more likely to stop and do a photo shoot of a Ford Pinto than the most cliched Lambo of the 2000s. If I'm going to shoot a Murcielago, it had better have some presence.

This one has presence.

I was exploring Sacramento after visiting the California State Auto Museum and passed this striking Lamborghini parked on a street. I promptly pulled a U-turn and parked so I could photograph it.

It's a 2003 Murciélago 40th Anniversary Edition, one of only fifty ever built. The unique Jade Green pearl paint and anthracite wheels are special to the 40th Anniversary, as are the '40' badges behind the big air intakes, and the carbon fiber trim around the quarter windows. The 40th Anniversary also came with light grey and black leather seats and door panels. Sadly I neglected to get a photo of the serial number plate which would have identified which one of the 50-car production run this was.
Some people don't think the 40th Anniversary fits the style of a proper Lamborghini. Most seem to expect a Lambo to be yellow or some bright, ridiculous supercar color. Personally I think the Jade Green color is beautiful and the darker wheels don't bother me. This sighting was made more special for me because this was the first time I'd laid eyes on a real Murciélago 40th Anniversary outside of DuPont Registry magazine ads and the Internet. It's kind of funny, because I've actually sat in an LP640 roadster and an LP670-4 SV coupe. And yet, the 40th Anniversary model is rarer. I love it.

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