Monday, September 17, 2012

Pleasanton Street Sighting - 1963 Ford Falcon Club Wagon

A while ago, I featured a Ford Falcon Club Wagon I found parked on Haight Street in San Francisco. It was a well-used example and was in rather ratty condition. The van, being a Falcon-badged variant of what is more commonly called the Econoline, confused some people. The post made it to an Australian Falcon forum, and mind you, the Aussies take their Falcons very seriously. They couldn't believe that such a thing existed, because clearly it was an Econoline someone put 'custom' Falcon badges on. Well, it wasn't the only Falcon Club Wagon van out there.

This Club Wagon, which I'm calling a 1963 model because of the AXP prefix on the black license plate, is a nicer example of the breed. It appears to be the same model year and even the same color as the other van, but its paint is in far better condition and the chrome is better as well. Unfortunately it hasn't escaped all damage, evidenced by the crinkled left front corner. The owner has fitted cheap white truck wheels on thin whitewall tires, a choice that some of my friends would decry. I must be one of the few who likes that wheel style in a lot of truck applications, including this one. The paint is pretty well shot on this van, but at least it's all one color and doesn't have rust spots all over.
I spotted this Falcon a few blocks away from the Alameda County Fairgrounds on the day of a car show. Note the 1986 Vixen 21TD motorhome parked just around the corner.

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  1. i bought an econoline of this vintage that was a bellflower school district vehicle and still had the decals on the doors. this would allow myself and a van full of teenagers access to places no one could usually go in a vehicle..good times. a lot of engine noise because the whole engine actually sits between the front seats.when you remove the cover,everything from the radiator to the bell housing is right there. i recall sitting in the driver seat and replacing the head on the 223 six during a rain storm. pretty cool.