Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Upcoming Feature - Collector's Corner

A few years ago, my colleague and good friend Colin Stacy over at The Automotive Way began supplementing his blog with features on his favorite diecast models and toy cars. His focus has always been broader than mine, including new car reviews and such, while mine has mainly been centered around cool old parked cars on public streets.
However, one of my lifelong passions has been collecting diecast cars, and I've been itching to show off some of my collection the way Colin has. Since I graduated from university a year ago, my trips to San Francisco have become few and far between, leading to a surprisingly large decrease in the number of new street sightings I've been able to photograph. Living in suburbia where everyone has garages and people are paranoid, I simply don't get the chance to see the real cars as much.
So, every so often I'm planning to feature a model or two from my collection just to keep things fresh and interesting here on California Streets. Think of it as an opportunity to hone my photography skills on some smaller vehicular subjects. As always, your feedback is appreciated and encouraged!

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