Friday, March 23, 2012

BART Cars - Corollas

The Toyota Corolla is the most produced car in history with over 40 million sold. So one might assume that the Corolla is a common car, and not very special. However, some older variants of the Corolla are now rare and considered desirable. General Motors had some Corolla-based joint-venture cars from the '80s onward, which included the Chevy Nova and Geo/Chevy Prizm and later, the Pontiac Vibe. (The former two were available in limited numbers as 'high-performance' versions using the famous Toyota 4AGE four-cylinder engine.) Here are the top five Holy 'Rollas I found in the BART parking lot over five years of university commuting.

1977 Toyota Corolla SR-5 Sport Coupe

1982 Toyota Corolla SR-5 Coupe

1985 Toyota Corolla AE86

1988 Chevrolet Nova Twin Cam

1991 Geo Prizm GSi


  1. You're pretty good. You clearly did some researching about those cars, Jay. :) Hmm… For old-school cars, nothing beats the 1973 Toyota Corolla Rally car for me - talk about a combination of appearance and power rolled into one elegant machine.

  2. Those joint-venture edition cars right there are simple, and yet looks cool! I think it would also do great if those car manufacturers will do the same move today. Car enthusiasts will love it and, eventually, it might do well in sales.

    1. Toyota joint-venture enthusiast cars are already back, in the form of the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. We'll see in the coming years how it works out for them.

  3. The 1977 Toyota Corolla SR-5 Sport Coupe would be the sexiest one for me. I'm so attracted to its classic style. I first saw this car in New York, just a few blocks away from my condo, and it's the only one I've ever seen in person, actually. The 1977 Toyota Corolla SR-5 Sport Coupe has an undeniable charm and patina.

  4. In the late 90’s and in recent years, a lot of people have been using Corollas. But picture a Corolla in its classic form; it's cool, isn't it? I really like that 1977 Model. It’s color is one factor why I really like it. It’s an oldie and its color and texture would make any car look old, but that’s the essence of it; and that's what really makes is attractive.

  5. Hey I own the 1991 geo prizm. Can I sell it as a collectors car?