Wednesday, December 7, 2011

San Francisco Street Sighting - 1966 Ford Falcon Futura Sports Coupe

This is one of those cars I wish I'd photographed more in depth. It's yet another Ford Falcon, but not an early one. The vast majority of Falcons one sees on American roads are 1960-65 cars. The 1966-70 generation seems to be much less common, and I don't think I've ever seen a 1970-1/2 Torino-based Falcon. It makes me wonder, where did all the later Falcons go? Well, I managed to catch one of them.

This is a 1966 Falcon Futura Sports Coupe, a compact, less expensive alternative to the Mustang. It has a 289 V8 engine and probably performs and handles similarly, but looks much more tame than its wild equine cousin. Unlike the '64-65 Falcon, the '66 isn't on the same chassis as the Mustang; instead it rides on a shortened Fairlane platform. I'd venture that insurance was cheaper on this car than a comparable Mustang, simply because it's a Falcon. As with the last Falcon featured here, the speakers on the rear package shelf are custom and the Mustang wheels with yellow accents look custom as well. I'm not wild about those details, but I like the green color and the light tan vinyl interior. It's a slightly dirty, but well kept example of a rarely seen car.

Bonus historical note: Visible in the background of the rear 3/4 angle of this car is Ellis Brooks Chevrolet, a dealership founded in 1939 which served San Francisco's General Motors distribution needs until 2009. Unfortunately they dropped their new-car franchise status and survived another two years in the historic building as a used-car dealership. First the Chrysler-Jeep franchise closed on South Van Ness, then the Ford-Lincoln-Mercury dealer up the street went out of business, now Ellis Brooks has moved to a smaller, less interesting building next door on Bush Street. The Van Ness Avenue auto row seems to be slowly dying off. I wish I could have gotten the Pontiac neon sign off the building before they closed.


  1. Neat and tidy example, shame business is moving away from Van Ness Avenue which has repeatedly cropped up in my reading on the West Coast motoring scene.

  2. I had one like this accept mine came out mid year. It was listed as 65 1/2 model when I purchased it. Memory serves it was titled as a 65. 289 engine with a Hearst 4 speed transmission floor shift.