Sunday, December 4, 2011

San Francisco Street Sighting - 1965 Ford Falcon

Ah yes, time for another Ford Falcon. This time it's a 1965 Falcon sedan, the second one from that year I've featured. I like most Falcons, but the '64-'65 Falcon generation has special significance to me. A friend of my dad owned a 1964 Falcon Futura convertible when I was younger, and he trusted the car to my dad to do some repairs. For several weeks, the metallic blue ragtop with 260 ci V8 sat in our garage. When the work was done, it was of course time for a test drive, and I was allowed to come along. That ride cemented my love of the Falcon ever since.

This Falcon sedan is a base trim level, most likely powered by the 170ci six-cylinder and equipped with few options. It's in better condition than many of the Falcons I've come across in San Francisco, though it has its own share of problems. The grille is pretty rough but may be salvageable in the right hands with the right tools. The rear bumper has some damage as well. I'm not sure if that can be fixed, but there are companies that rescue old, mangled bumpers and then straighten and rechrome them. The owner has added aftermarket speakers, leading me to believe that the rear package shelf has been cut to fit them. The thin whitewall tires are a nice touch with the full chrome wheel covers. I also like the blue pinstriping on the body sculpting. And you have to admit those Falcon badges are just cool.

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  1. Nice! Love the badge shot and that interior shot. Great composition on the pictures once again. I especially like the interior shot. Never quite seen a shot looking through two windows. Creative, and well planned :)