Wednesday, January 20, 2016

San Francisco Street Sighting - 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

We've looked at a few late first-generation Mustangs here. I typically only shoot classic Mustangs when they evoke a reaction from me. And one way to get my attention is to put a clean fastback in front of me. I'm not usually excited about red cars but I love a good Mustang fastback and this one is a winner.

The last '67 fastback here was a special feature for Steve McQueen's birthday last year, fittingly finished in dark green. This one showed up behind Cowden Automotive in downtown San Francisco following last spring's Arcane Auto Society meetup. I wouldn't call it an arcane auto by any stretch; certainly not like the Amphicar and custom Berkeley roadster I shot near the same repair shop at previous Arcane Auto meets. This Mustang is a straightforward example with classic red paint, black interior, Deluxe wheelcovers and original (or almost original) California black license plates. A 289 small block V8 powers the car, but I have no clue what transmission. I'm curious how recent the paintwork is and what color it was originally. The red is loud but it works. I dig it!


  1. Jay, if I may. I want to say thank you for your blog and the work you do. I do appreciate it and enjoy your commentary that you put with the pictures.

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