Saturday, April 14, 2012

San Francisco Street Sighting - 1955 Ford F-100 pickup

The Haight is a strange place. Lots of potheads, hipsters, burned out hippies and anti-establishment types all trying to coexist in an area where progressive policies and marijuana are about the only things they have in common. It's an area I would avoid altogether were it not for the occasional person who cares to leave an interesting or historic vehicle parked on the street. It's stuff like this 1955 Ford F-100 that makes me risk an asthma attack from the smoke. I was in the area to show some friends around town when the classy pickup caught my eye.

The '55 F-100 isn't my favorite year -- I prefer the cliched but good-looking '56 -- but this one is in great shape for what appears to be a daily driver. There's some rash on the left front fender, but otherwise this is a beautifully restored truck.

The other thing about this Effie that I noticed... is the parking ticket. The last F-100 I featured in San Francisco had a parking ticket. Why is it that every classic vehicle in town seems to get ticketed? I swear, it's profiling. Maybe it's not; maybe the meter maids just happen to find all the special-interest cars and trucks with no time left on the meter. Still, it pisses me off seeing that stupid white envelope tucked under the wiper of so many great cars.

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