Friday, April 18, 2014

San Francisco Street Sighting - 1965 Mercury Park Lane Marauder

The 1965 Mercury full-size line is fascinating to me. Someone at Ford must have thrown away all the French curves and left the drafting staff with yardsticks - both for design and for measurement. Few vehicles approach the sheer military grade right-angle-ness of a '65 Mercury Park Lane.

I've known about this car for a while and unfortunately caught it in the middle of some repairs that had the rear bumper and right taillight off. The Marauder package was the top performing large Mercury, roughly equivalent to the Ford Galaxie 500/XL. It came with bucket seats, a center console and one of three large-displacement V8s.

This one is a four-door hardtop wearing a set of interesting mag-wheel-look hubcaps. I searched online for the style and it appears to possibly be a modified version of the Deluxe Wheel Cover painted to resemble spokes and decorated with simulated lug nuts. The paint job is old but doesn't appear original, simply because the driver side mirror is blue and there's overspray on the frame and exhaust system, but the paint may actually be a factory color. It looks a lot like Code O Aquamarine with a Polar White roof. There's some rust to deal with, which it looks like the owner is in the process of treating. The Lincoln hood ornament is an unusual touch I've seen on a couple of Mercurys but it doesn't seem to be factory. Starting in 1965 these cars were built "in the Lincoln Continental tradition" and both brands would forever be known as the Lincoln-Mercury division of Ford. So I can understand why some might be aspirational and put the hood ornament on a car that actually does look similar to a '65 Continental from the front.

I've liked these cars since I played with one of my father's old Lesney Matchbox toys, a '65 Park Lane police car, as a kid. I'm glad that this one is getting fixed up.

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